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Conan Miniatures Boardgame box

Conan Miniatures Boardgame  box

Conan Miniatures Boardgame box

Actie-Avontuur, Fantasy Flight Games (CON01EN)

Now you can create your own Hyborian legend!

Conan is een semi-coöperatief asymmetrisch miniaturen bordspel gebaseerd op het Conan universum uit de boeken van Robert E. Howard. Ieder spel wordt gespeeld aan de hand van een scenario waarbij een speler als de Overlord alle monsters en ander gespuis onder zijn hoede neemt. De overige 1 tot 4 spelers zijn de helden die de plannen van de Overlord moeten dwarsbomen of een door het scenario gesteld doel moeten zien te bereiken.


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Enter the realm of Hyboria and fight alongside Conan!

taal Re-live the adventures of Conan, Shevatas the thief, or Hadrathus the mage. Fight monsters, necromancers, or Picts led by Zogar Sag. Travel at the side of Bêlit, the Queen of the Black Coast, and her crew of pirates. Take part in great battles in packed inns or ruined castles.

The one among you who will lead the troops of the Overlord will face the Heroes, who are united to survive and reach their objectives. Their victory or defeat will depend on the strategic choices made by both sides, and the ability of the Heroes to cooperate. Each scenario will take you to a specific area and a different game configuration.

Conan is a miniature-based board game based on the Conan universe by Robert E. Howard that pits one player, the overlord, who controls hordes of savage tribesmen, no-good lowlifes and undead minions against 1 to 4 players who incarnate the legendary Conan and his fellow adventurers. The gameplay is asymetric, as the overlord possesses a large selection of models and objectives which are his own, whereas the brave heroes are played from a first person perspective, much like in a role playing game.
In a typical scenario, the heroes need to accomplish something and the Opponent wins if the heroes fail to reach their objective - but in some scenarios, the Opponent has his own objectives and the Heroes win if they prevent him from accomplishing his goal.
An adventure can be played out in 1 hour on one of the beautiful game boards as you pit your wits, daring and tactical acumen against your opponent.

    Conan includes:
  • 74 plastic miniatures
  • 1 Book of Skelos
  • 148 tokens
  • 2 double-sided game boards
  • 45 tiles
  • 55 cards
  • 9 dice
  • 4 hero sheets
  • 75 plastic gems
  • 25 plastic bases
  • 4 game aids sheets
  • 1 track sheet
  • 1 heroes rulebook
  • 1 Overlord rulebook

Speltype: bordspel (Fantasy-Adventure)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Frédéric Henry (game), Adrian Smith & Georges Clarenko(artwork)
Uitgever: Monolith Edition LLC
Art.nr.producent: 2016-1/CON01EN/LUD01
Aantal spelers: 2 tot 5
Leeftijd: vanaf 14 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 90 min
Releasedatum: November 2016

bron: Monolith Edition LLC / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.