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2069 A Sex Odyssey & Run Virgin Run DVD

2069 A Sex Odyssey & Run Virgin Run  DVD

2069 A Sex Odyssey & Run Virgin Run DVD

DVD/Regio 0 (geen regiocode), Erotiek & Sex, Alternative Cinema (sc-2221-dvd)

Double Feature DVD

Retro-Seduction Cinema proudly presents this Double Feature DVD showcasing two West Germany cult classics of sexy cinema produced in the 1970s.

1974 / West Germany (English Dubbed)
2069: A Sex Odyssey blasts into orbit with the kinds of heavenly bodies not found in any solar system. It blends sexy shenanigans, bare-all seductions and naughty fun for an out-of-this-world experience that will have you seeing stars.
Five Venusian aliens have been sent on a mission of grave importance. Seems Venus is an all-female planet, and these intergalactic beauties require the service of Earth men to help replenish their declining population. Clad in mouthwatering, skin-tight silver uniforms, the curvaceous, curious and highly intelligent space babes find themselves in one ultra-erotic situation after another. Though they are completely unaware of the ways, wants, and desires of the human male species, these gorgeous aliens quickly learn the language of love.

1970 / West Germany (English Dubbed)
Legend has it that a brisk wind called the "Faun" delivers vigor to the men of Falklenhousen - accounting for the town's satisfied women and high birth rate. Truth is, when the men are away, their voluptuous wives play, and all of the oversexed females can thank the arousing animal magnetism and extraordinary prowess of town stud Michael. Each night Michael finds himself in the lusty embrace of Falklenhousen's sexiest women who vie for his potent anatomy.


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Regio code: 0 (geen regiocodering)
Genre: Science Fiction / Komedie / Erotiek
Kijkwijzer: leeftijdsadvies 18 (Restricted)
Regie: 2069: A Sex Odyssey: Hans G. Keil
Run, Virgin, Run: Hans Billian
Acteurs: 2069: A Sex Odyssey: Nina Frederic, Catherina Conti, Heidrun Hankammer, Alena Penc, Gerti Schneider, Franz Muxeneder, Michael Maien, Klaus Munster, Herbert Hisel, Adi Lehner, Hilde Rom, Lydia Mikulski, Leopold Gmeinwieser, Rudi Sandmayr, Bernd Palma, Raoul Retzer, Johann Slenka, Barbara Assman e.a.
Run, Virgin, Run: Joav Jasinski, Maria Brockerhoff, Helga Tolle, Michaela Martin, Regina Walther, Ingrid Simon, Christina Kuon, Karin Glier, Astrid Boner, Kurt Grosskurth, Hugo Lindinger, Jochen Busse, Hans Stadtmüller, Christoph Geraths, Sepp Gneissl, Alexander Allerson e.a.
Speelduur: 2069: A Sex Odyssey: ca. 73 min.
Run, Virgin, Run: ca. 89 min.
Beeldformaat: 4:3 Full Frame, NTSC
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo (Engels)
Ondertiteling: geen (niet Nederlands ondertiteld)
Extra's: Run, Virgin, Run Radio Spots • Trailer Vault • Full Color BOOKLET with Liner Notes
Release datum DVD: 06-05-2006

bron: Seduction Cinema/Alternative Cinema Inc.