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Bestial Forces (Wiz-War expansion) box

Bestial Forces (Wiz-War expansion)  box

Bestial Forces (Wiz-War expansion) box

Wiz-War, Fantasy Flight Games (WIZ03)

Uitbreidingsset voor het boardgame Wiz-War

Bestial Forces is de tweede expansieset voor Wiz-War en biedt onder andere 6 nieuwe, magische creatures die oproepbaar zijn in het magische labyrint. Tevens worden drie nieuwe Schools of Magic geïntroduceerd: Totem, Myhtology en Draconic.
Let op: voor deze uitbreiding is het basisspel vereist.


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Release the Creatures!

taal With the Bestial Forces expansion, you unleash a horde of creatures into the labyrinth of Wiz-War. For the first time, you can harness the reckless stampede of the Minotaur or the magical trickery of a Genie as you duel your opponents. With six brand new creatures, each with its own sculpted plastic figure and life dial, this expansion brings new levels of wild magic to your wizard duels.

Creatures aren't all you'll find in this expansion, though. Three new schools of magic - Mythology, Draconic, and Totem - offer an array of new spells. Whether you tap the power of relics to get ahead of your opponents or use totems to affect entire sectors, your wizard battles are about to change forever with Bestial Forces.

    Game Contents:
  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 6 Plastic Figures
  • 6 Plastic Bases
  • 72 Magic Cards
  • 12 Totem Markers
  • 4 Relic Markers
  • 6 Creature Life Trackers
  • 5 Energy Tokens
Requires the Wiz-War base game to play.

Speltype: bordspel uitbreiding (Fantasy-Adventure, Wiz-War)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Andreas Seyfarth
Uitgever: Fantasy Flight Games
Art.nr.producent: WIZ03 (ISBN: 9781616619145)
Aantal spelers: 2 tot 4
Leeftijd: vanaf 14 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 1 tot 2 uur
Releasedatum: Maart 2019

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee The Netherlands