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Flesh Stalker and Flesh Drones (Shadows of Brimstone Deluxe box

Flesh Stalker and Flesh Drones (Shadows of Brimstone Deluxe   box

Flesh Stalker and Flesh Drones (Shadows of Brimstone Deluxe box

Shadows of Brimstone, Flying Frog Productions (FFP07DE04)

Deze Shadows of Brimstone uitbreiding bevat alles wat je nodig hebt om de sinistere Flesh Stalker aan je spel toe te voegen. De set bevat 1 Flesh Stalker en 6 Flesh Drones miniaturen, als ook twee Large Enemy Record Sheets en alle kaarten die je nodig hebt.


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taal Flesh Stalkers are a mysterious, rare, and ancient alien race. Masters of super science and the macabre, they work in the shadows, only emerging when required to accomplish their fiendish goals! Known for the ruthless and gruesome experiments they perform, the Flesh Stalkers splice the DNA and body parts of various creatures and people together, creating hideous monstrosities to do their bidding. Of all their wretched constructs, the most numerous are the Flesh Drones; mindless automatons cobbled together from the hapless souls stolen in the night by the Stalker, mixed with metal and madness to form the perfect hive of worker drones. When not in use, tey are stored, dormant, on rows of hooks, hanging from the ceiling by the crude handles attached to their backs...waiting to be activated for the next call to harvest new bio-material and bodies.

This Flesh Stalker and Flesh Drones Deluxe Enemy Pack contains the sinister alien Flesh Stalker and a set of his twisted experiment Flesh Drones. It also includes all of the rules needed to use them in your adventures, a host of new cards, and 2 exciting new Missions.

  • 1 Rulebook with 2 New Missions and Painting Guide
  • 1 Flesh Stalker with Hand/Head Options
  • 6 Flesh Drones
  • 1 40mm bases
  • 6 30mm bases
  • 2 Large Enemy Record Sheet
  • 48 Game Cards
  • 1 Die-Cut Counter Sheet
Requires a Shadows of Brimstone Core Set to play!

Speltype: bordspel uitbreidingsset (Shadows of Brimstone, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure)
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: Flying Frog Productions
Art.nr.producent: FFP07DE04 (ISBN: 978-1-941816-31-8)
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 4
Leeftijd: vanaf 12 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 90 - 180 min
Releasedatum: Juli 2017

bron: Flying Frog Productions / Asmodee The Netherlands