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Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack blisterpack

Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack  blisterpack

Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack blisterpack

Overig, Fantasy Flight Games(GNS02)

Accessoire voor het Genesys Roleplaying systeem.

nederlands: Versla de horden tot leven gewekte skeletten, verken nieuwe werelden in een door stoom aangedreven zeppelin, kruis de degens met een buitenaardse warlord of ontwerp je eigen, geheel unieke, wereld. Genesys is een nieuwe rollenspel systeem waar alleen de grenzen van jouw fantasie bepalen hoeveel en welke avonturen je kan beleven!
Het hart van het systeem wordt gevormd door het narrative dice system dat gebruik maakt van de dobbelstenen in dit Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack.


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taal Genesys is a roleplaying game that utilizes the critically-acclaimed Narrative Dice System while a ruleset that can be used in a wide variety of settings. Take to the skies in a Victorian airship, slay an ancient dragon, or pilot your very own starship. All this and more is possible with the Genesys system, which uses the specialized dice found in this pack to propel adventures.

The Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack features three Ability dice, three Difficulty dice, two Setback dice, two Boost dice, two Proficiency dice and a Challenge die, giving you everything you need to run your own game of Genesys.

These specialized dice provide dynamic results to every skill check, allowing players to succeed in their task while experiencing a massive setback, or finding some advantage in a massive failure. Not only that, but the dice are easy to interpret, keeping the flow of the game steady and smooth as players and game masters check skill test results with ease.

Speltype: rollenspel accessoire (Genesys, narrative dice system)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Sam Steward, Jay Little
Uitgever: Fantasy Flight Games
Art.nr.producent GNS02 (ISBN: 841333104504)
Uitvoering: blisterpack
Verschijningsdatum: December 2017

bron: Fantasy Flight Games