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Harvesters From Beyond (Shadows of Brimstone Enemy Pack) box

Harvesters From Beyond (Shadows of Brimstone  Enemy Pack)  box

Harvesters From Beyond (Shadows of Brimstone Enemy Pack) box

Shadows of Brimstone, Flying Frog Productions (FFP07E05)

Deze Shadows of Brimstone uitbreiding bevat alles wat je nodig hebt om de buitenaardse Harvesters aan je spel toe te voegen. De set bevat 3 Harvesters miniaturen, als ook een Large Enemy Record Sheet en alle kaarten die je nodig hebt.


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taal Using tears in the fabric of space to pass between worlds, these interdimensional travelers cross over in search of raw materials and artifacts to collect. Wearing heavy environment suits to protect them from the hazards of our reality, the Harvesters are nearly indestructible. Often times they are connected to their own world through long hoses that stretch out behind them and extend back through a shimmering gateway, bringing whatever substances they require to sustain them in our world. Lumbering but ruthless, the Harvesters are relentless in their search for anything of interest or value to bring back to their own dimension.

This Harvesters From Beyond Enemy Pack contains everything you need to add these terrifying, alien Harvesters to your games of Shadows of Brimstone! There are 3 large Harvester models included, as well as the large Enemy Record Sheet and all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your games.

  • 1 Rulebook with Painting Guide
  • 3 Harvesters
  • 3 40mm bases
  • 1 Large Enemy Record Sheet
  • 6 Threat Cards
  • 6 Otherworld Threat Cards
Requires a Shadows of Brimstone Core Set to play!

Speltype: bordspel uitbreidingsset (Shadows of Brimstone, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure)
Taal: Engels
Uitgever: Flying Frog Productions
Art.nr.producent: FFP07E05 (ISBN: 978-1-941816-17-2)
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 4
Leeftijd: vanaf 12 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 90 - 180 min
Releasedatum: Juni 2016

bron: Flying Frog Productions / Enigma Distribution Benelux BV