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Ratland (KICKSTARTER edition) box

Ratland (KICKSTARTER edition)  box

Ratland (KICKSTARTER edition) box

Strategisch, Eclipse editorial (602561940780)

€ 59.95

Beperkte voorraad, OP=OP! (uitlopend assortiment)

Artikelcode: 26250780

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Think like a rat, act like a rat. BE A RAT!

taal Manage and multiply your clan of rats and become master of the sewers. Scout the dangerous areas outside for food or snatch it from your neighbors. But be careful, they'll try to do the same!
  • Simultaneous gameplay
  • Hidden action programming
  • Push-your-luck mechanism
RatLand is a fun strategy board game where players have to make choices depending on what they think the other players are thinking while also trying to fool and divert them away from their true intentions. To achieve victory, multiply your rat's population but make sure you have the necessary cheese to feed them each turn.

Other clans will try to steal your food or beat you to the three areas where food can be found: the dump, the city, and the field. The fight for survival is fierce in the damp sewers of RatLand. Many rats put their lives at risk by going outside to search for food. Others, less bold, go through the winding dark pipe system to steal cheese from their oblivious neighbors' pantries; while the most cautious rats stay in the nursery to fulfill the most important role: increase the clan's population.
  • 55 single rat tokens and 30 double rat tokens
  • 80 colored plastic cheese pieces
  • 6 sewer boards
  • 6 sewer screens
  • 48 cards
  • 1 turn marker
  • 1 non-transparant bag
  • 1 rulebook
    Extra contents for this Kickstarter edition:
  • 1 set of plastic Rat miniatures
  • 48+ premium cardsleeves
    Kickstarter exclusive!
  • 1 Cardbox
    Kickstarter exclusive!
  • 3 Slideboxes (for rat minis and cheeses)
    Kickstarter exclusive!

Speltype: bordspel (Familie, strategie)
Taal: Engels, Spaans, Duits, Frans
Auteur: Eduardo García
Uitgever: Eclipse Editorial
Art.nr.producent: ISBN: 602561940780
Aantal spelers: 2 tot 6
Leeftijd: vanaf 8 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 30-45 min
Releasedatum: April 2018

bron: Eclipse Editorial / Simtasia