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Reptisaurians (Massive Darkness Enemy Box, expansion) box

Reptisaurians (Massive Darkness Enemy Box, expansion)  box

Reptisaurians (Massive Darkness Enemy Box, expansion) box

Actie-Avontuur, Cool Mini or Not (MD009)

Reptisaurians is een uitbreiding voor het boardgame Massive Darkness en bevat: 1 Reptisaurian Warriors Boss miniatuur, 6 Reptisaurian Warriors Minion miniaturen, 1 Reptisaurian Blowgunners Boss miniatuur, 12 Reptisaurian Blowgunners Minion miniaturen, 1 Reptisaurian Agent miniatuur, 1 large Reptisaurus Rex miniatuur en 13 kaarten.


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Savage lizardfolk from the coastal swamps, the Reptisaurians are new to the forces of Darkness but are still fiercely loyal. While they usuallly keep to themselves, the call of the Darkness was too tempting for these cold-blooded killers. Their spritual leaders became agents of Darkness, but the mighty Reptisaurus Rex still reign as undisputed "kings". Armed with poisonous blowguns and swords, they have crawled out of their swamp to bring terror to the land.

taal As the terror of the Darkness spread across the land, it inspired terror in some, and delight in other. The Reptisaurians crawled out of their coastal swamps and proceeded to induce fear and chaos everywhere they went.
The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: The Reptisaurians contains 22 miniature figures in six different cold-blooded sculpts. Two different bosses lead the Reptisaurians, but the Heroes are really going to have to look out for the Repitsaurus Rex, a massive scaled giant of muscle, claws, and fury. This Enemy Box can be added to any Massive Darkness adventure.

    Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Reptisaurians contains:
  • 6 Reptisauriain Warrior Minions
  • 1 Reptisaurian Warrior Boss
  • 12 Reptisaurian Blowgunner Minions
  • 1 Reptisaurian Blowgunner Boss
  • 1 Reptisaurian Agent
  • 1 Reptisaurian Rex Roaming Monster
  • 13 Cards
Not a complete game, a Massive Darkness Core Game is needed to play with this expansion.
(Although these miniatures may also be used in any fantasy or roleplaying game!)

Speltype: bordspel uitbreiding (Massive Darkness, Fantasy-Adventure, cooperatief)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Raphael Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult
Uitgever: Cool Mini Or Not/Guillotine Games
Art.nr.producent: MD009 (ISBN: 889696006233)
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 6
Leeftijd: vanaf 14 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 120 min
Releasedatum: November 2017

bron: CMON Productions Limited / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.