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Runewars: Death Knights Unit Expansion box

Runewars: Death Knights Unit Expansion  box

Runewars: Death Knights Unit Expansion box

Fantasy, Fantasy Flight Games(RWM21)

Een uitbreidingsset voor Runewars: The Miniatures Game.

De Death Knights Unit Expansion bevat 4 (onbeschilderde) Death Knights modellen en alle benodigde middelen om deze in het Runewars spel te kunnen inzetten.


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Charge the Enemy with the Dark Might of Legends

taal Relentless and devoid of mercy, the Death Knights of Waiqar the Undying serve their master with vicious efficiency. Riding on the fore of an endless army of the undead, the Death Knights are the first sight the enemies of Waiqar witness in battle, as well as the last thing they see before suffering a brutal death.

The Death Knights Unit Expansion features four Death Knight figures and two Plastic Cavalry Movement Trays as well as five upgrade cards to customize your Runewars Miniatures Game armies. The expansion also includes panic, stun, and unit ID Tokens as well as a new condition card and token, for use with a new upgrade included with the Death Knights.

  • 4 Unpainted Plastic Figures (require some assembly)
  • 2 Movement Trays
  • 1 Command Tools
  • 1 Unit Cards
  • 5 Upgrade Cards
  • 6 Assorted Tokens
Not a complete game! For use with the Runewars Miniatures Game.

Speltype: miniaturenspel uitbreiding (Fantasy, strategisch, tactisch, Runewars)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Andrew Fischer
Uitgever: Fantasy Flight Games
Art.nr.producent: RWM21 (ISBN: 841333102968)
Aantal spelers: 2
Leeftijd: vanaf 14 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 90 min
Releasedatum: Oktober 2017

bron: Fantasy Flight Games / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.