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Sorcerers vs Lord Tush (Massive Darkness Heroes & Monster Se box

Sorcerers vs Lord Tush (Massive Darkness Heroes & Monster Se  box

Sorcerers vs Lord Tush (Massive Darkness Heroes & Monster Se box

Actie-Avontuur, Cool Mini or Not (MD008)

Sorcerers vs Lord Tush is een uitbreiding voor het boardgame Massive Darkness en bevat: 3 Hero miniaturen (Ajax the Sorcerer, Sarah the High Elf en Silence the Thief), 1 Roaming Monster Creature miniatuur (Lord Tusk), 5 kaarten en 1 Class sheet pad.


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Lord Scarguts Tusk is among the world's most infamous ogres. Gleeful to heedlessly wade into combat alongside his brothers and sisters to make pulp of his foes, he hides his true endgame within his frenzied cunning. Once victory is theirs, the Darkness will need capable and loyal rulers for the world!

taal In many ways, Lord Tusk is a typical ogre. He loves wading headlong into combat swinging his massive blades and making pulp of his enemies. However, Tusk is more cunning than an average ogre. Luckily, there are some brave Heroes ready and willing to stand in his way.
The Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monsters Set: Sorcerers vs. Lord Tusk adds three new heroes to your games of Massive Darkness, along with the hulking Lord Tusk roaming monster. The set also include a new class, the Sorcerer, that any hero can use. Perhaps with the help of a new artifact, the Sorcerer's Ring, the light will triumph over the Darkness.

    This Heroes & Monster Set: Sorcerers vs Lord Tush contains:
  • 3 Hero Miniatures and Hero Cards
  • 1 Lord Tusk Miniature with 2 Cards
  • 1 Sorcerer Class Sheet Pad
  • 1 Artifact Card
Not a complete game, a Massive Darkness Core Game is needed to play with this expansion.
(Although these miniatures may also be used in any fantasy or roleplaying game!)

Speltype: bordspel uitbreiding (Massive Darkness, Fantasy-Adventure, cooperatief)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Raphael Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult
Uitgever: Cool Mini Or Not/Guillotine Games
Art.nr.producent: MD008 (ISBN: 889696006226)
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 6
Leeftijd: vanaf 14 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 120 min
Releasedatum: November 2017

bron: CMON Productions Limited / Enigma Distribution Benelux B.V.