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Tourney Tyrants, boxed set box

Tourney Tyrants, boxed set  box

Tourney Tyrants, boxed set box

Fantasy, Urban Mammoth Ltd.(30104)

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Each boxed set of Warheads miniatures contains up to eight finely detailed 28mm scale wargaming models, which come unpainted and cast in white metal. The miniatures are all based on characters and creatures from our exciting new role playing game/tabletop wargame hybrid, Warheads: Medieval Tales, a story driven episodic campaign in which you play the part of one of two feuding brothers in Norman Britain. You can use your Warheads models to play through the adventures in Medieval Tales, or if that isn't your thing, they make ideal collectors' pieces.

Available to Gui le B?tard's party are Squire Scrote and Beaky Muldoon with his vulture Susan, along with Gui's horse Abastor. There are also three rather delightful bunny rabbits and a ruddy great stag to be hunted.

These miniatures add characters to your collection for Issue 2 of Warheads: Medieval Tales.

The set contains eight unpainted, high-quality 28mm white metal gaming miniatures: Mounted Gui le Batard, Squire Scrote, Beaky Muldoon and the Vulture Susan, 3 Rabbits, and The Great Hart of Dunswold

***alle warheads miniaturen worden onbeschilderd geleverd***