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Wendi Moddersson blister

Wendi Moddersson  blister

Wendi Moddersson blister

Fantasy, Urban Mammoth Ltd.(10154)

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Wendi is the somewhat put upon Skald (a sort of Norse poet and storyteller) who arrives with the Viking party. He travelled from his home in Iceland to ply his trade in Viking courts of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. However, upon getting short shrift in all those places, he continued travelling and eventually found his way into the underworld, and the land of Nidavellir. Here, he found an appreciative audience for his music, and has since joined one of their Viking (or raiding) parties to chronicle their adventures. However, Wendi is a bit tired of being made fun of by the Vikings, so he?s ready to switch allegiance to a new muse.

***alle warheads miniaturen worden onbeschilderd geleverd***