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Zombicide box

Zombicide  box

Zombicide box

Tactisch, Guillotine Games (GUG0001)

Team Up. Gear Up. Level Up.
Take'Em Down!

Zombicide is een cool miniaturenspel waarin iedere speler 1 tot 4 "overlevenden" (de mens in een zombie-besmette stad) onder zijn of haar hoede neemt . Zoek wapens en dood zombies. Hoe meer zombies je doodt, hoe meer ervaring je krijgt en hoe meer ervaring je hebt, hoe meer zombies er verschijnen. Houd rekening met de balans tussen overleven en het slachten van zombies. En probeer te voorkomen dat je besmet raakt!
Inhoud: 71 miniaturen, 110 mini-kaarten, 9 dubbelzijdige gaming tegels, 6 dobbelstenen, 6 Survivor Identiteitskaarten, 24 counters, 4 penningen, 18 Noise tokens, 10 Doelstelling tokens, 12 Deur tokens, 6 Zombie tokens, 1 "Eerste speler" token en 1 Point of Exit token.


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SCIENCE! In the pursuit of ever greater levels of productivity, man has TWISTED both plants and animals to his own ENDS. In so doing, we have inadvertently changed ourselves...

taal Zombicide is a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players developed by Guillotine Games and published by CoolMiniOrNot. A game lasts for 20min (beginner board) to 3 hours (expert board).

Each player controls from one (for 6 players) to four (solo game) "survivors", human beings in a zombie-infested town. In fact, "survivors" hastily change to "hunters" to smash zombies through and through. However, the team must constantly keep the balance between survival and slaughter: as the zombicide's going on, the "Danger level" is going up and infected are growing in numbers. Any misstep can turn to disaster.

Zombicide is a fun and easy game with cool minis in an archetypical, popular and comics-inspired environment. Ambiance is constantly kept between "beat'em up" and "survival horror" as characters keep on turning from preys to predators. Humor and gloom happily marry in a zombie-fest.

    Zombicide includes:
  • 71 miniatures (28mm "Heroic" scale): 6 Survivors, 40 Walkers, 16 Runners, 8 Fatties and 1 Abomination
  • 9 gaming tiles
  • 110 mini-cards (42 Zombie cards, 62 Equipment cards, 6 Wounded cards)
  • 6 dice
  • 6 Survivor Identity Cards
  • 24 Skill counters
  • 4 Cars tokens
  • 18 Noise tokens
  • 10 Objective tokens
  • 12 Door tokens
  • 6 expereience trackers
  • 6 Zombie spawn tokens
  • 1 "First player" token
  • 1 Exit point token

Speltype: bordspel (Science Fiction, Horror, Adventure)
Taal: Engels
Auteur: Raphael Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Nicolas Raoult
Uitgever: Guillotine Games, Cool Mini or Not
Art.nr.producent: GUG0001
Aantal spelers: 1 tot 6
Leeftijd: vanaf 14 jaar
Speelduur: ca. 60 min
Releasedatum: September 2012

bron: Guillotine Games / Bergsala Enigma BV